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Normal Type AC Disc Suspension Porcelain Insulator for T/L

Normal type disc suspension insulators are appropriate for using in normal area, to increase the number of insulators would enhance the performance of pollution flashover. Insulator is configured by porcelain shell, iron cap and steel pin, and assembled by adhesion agent. There is aliphatic hydrocarbon concentration layer on the cap and pin surface before using adhesion agent assembly. On the top of pin there is elastic pad. Iron cap ans steel pin are all hot-galvanizing. And coupling is used stainless steel split, which has two options, W type and R type.
  For normal type disc suspension porcelain insulator, there will be large clearance between shed edges of porcelain shell. The advantages of this wider edge groove, is easy to clean, and the pin and cap socket are all out of shed, it’s easy for live working. Normal type disc suspension insulator is simple configure, low cost, which suit for clean area. Normal type disc suspension insulator is the most used, longest history, and could be perfect operation. But, because the unit spacer pollution influenced by voltage gradient is lesser, in order to reach necessary creepage distance, which must require longer insulator string, so as to increase the tower height.


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